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01 February 2009 @ 10:03 pm
It's like what, 10:03 right now, on a Sunday night.. It should be that I'm rushing to finish my work like always, but this weekend I am not loaded w/ a ton of work, actually. So being the stupid person that I am, I got the idea that I could finish everything in 3 seconds. So now.. I'm here.. with my eyebags... watching Friends on Youtube again. Oh dear....

I was like "Okay after this episode." And then I clicked on another ep, of course. AND WORSE, it was like an ep I already watched. And you would have thought that the obstruction would have stopped me, but NO. I was like oh darn, gotta look for another one. >>..

Guys... I think I have a problem. o____o
28 January 2009 @ 05:37 pm
Or so I hope. O_______O

I've been SUPER naughty with my schoolwork and whatever else needs to be done. (FAFSA, scholarships, FBLA, newsletter, internship, Best Buddies, etc...) I keep putting things off and working my minimum to.. to.... to do what? o_O Watch YT videos? XD DAS RITE. Pretty much. Lame, huh? And that's why there shall be a Progressive Era for me, and I must get back on track! Study! Do homework! Write essays! Go go go!

And here I am! Updating my livejournal and about to post some videos from, yes my friends, YOUTUBE. It's a no brainer where I've just been... am... >>

Newest CRAZE! Boys and girls with musical talents! I was pretty interested in piano people for some time, but then that kinda faded away since usually they're just covers and not originals (or at least that I have found), and I play piano anyway, so it's not like "OMG THAT'S AMAZING." Most of the time. Sometimes it's even being more critical! XDD Yes I'm evil, haven't you read this LJ long enough to figure that out? o_O

(Can you say, MOOD SWINGS?)

:D My dear friends <3~ So then I found these people who apparently.. are friends w/ each other and do music together.. like real performances and whatnot! I think they even live in CA.. but pretty far away nonetheless. (NO I did not google-earth them.. >>....) I WANNA LEARN GUITAR NOW!!!! *tantrum* D:< Srsly, on the top of my to-do-before-I-die list. *just made that up*
And I leave you with that! :) Good day~ <3
23 January 2009 @ 04:11 pm
Headache?  Too much stress?  Not enough sleep?  Fever?  Nope.  I hit my head.


Into a corner of the locker above me.

Yup...  So I'm doing my packing in my lower locker, and I stand up (you know, regular speed) and BAM there's a sharp pain on the top of my head!  The girl who has her locker above me (but not directly, more to the left) looks at me.. pauses just a bit... 'Uh... are you okay?'  while I'm like OOOOWWW *head explodes* *holds head* 

F*** YOU!! Well excuuuuuse me for almost having a concussion.  Okay, no need to apologize (even though I would have said 'sorry' anyway) because it's not like she did anything wrong (huh..>>) but still, a little bit more concern in the facial expressions would be appreciated.  Maybe I'm being too harsh and making a mountain out of a mole hill.

But this happened like DAYS ago and my head still hurts.  The top of my head is becoming a mountain in itself!!  T____T  Yay more volume at the crown of my head! :D  Oww   ;____;  *rubs head tenderly*.....  I shall comb my hair with extra care now.  omg that rhymed  *gets shot*

This weekend is gonna be jam-packed.  >___<  Chinese New Years too, right?... Do I have to stay extra long for Chinese school?... or is that next week?  (omg next week is the school-wide buffet potluck!  Yay~  Bring more good foods plz  LOOL egg tarts would be nice

Is it just me, or is YouTube just totally getting even more addicting lately... >>  which sucks.  Though I have been sleeping earlier.... but now my homework + miscellaneous is totally piling up.... WEEKENDDDDDD *cries*

My shopping spree was a total success though, I must say.  It must be the person I go shopping with. ^___~  I have to say, w/o Marina, I probably would have bought so much less. LOOOL GOOD JOB. :D  Y'all should be appreciative that I'm stimulating the economy the way I am.  XDD

Reviews of the makeup products I bought that day:Collapse )
18 January 2009 @ 05:35 pm
Second semester.  Fresh start.  New Years resolutions.  Some extra money from Christmas.  You know what that means.  >:D  More procrastination in the form of ignoring homework to daydream about what new products I can buy.  XD  I'm starting to think this makeup craze isn't just a phase...  But maybe it is.  I shalt not lose hope!

So anyways, this is for Kim:  USE MOISTURIZER!!!  loool  It's not just probably good for you.  It's not just recommended.  I believe it's essential for healthiness and for your overall wellness.  XD  Especially for dry and sensitive skin types, which is you, it's important because it just keeps your skin feeling soft and smooth!  Just for putting a nice smelling smooth cream on your skin everyday.  How easy is that?  :D  For your skintype, Dove and Aveeno are the recommended drugstore brands.  Maybe avoid Neutrogena, which is mostly for oily skin (and I heard even though it says "oil free", it still gets really oily down there.)  ANYWAYS.  there you have it. Dove or Aveeno.

Chinese school was cool yesterday.  I got more personal with a little girl who was having a problem, and then she sorta got attached to me!  It made my mood so much better when she's cooperating with the lesson.  ^^;;  Let's just hope this lasts till next week and beyond.....  OH and there was this annoying girl who wanted the ping pong ball but I didn't wanna give it to her (I have my reasons...) and then I was like "but you always get to play it"  meaning like she's always one of those chosen few who claim the spot while others just watch or don't even try to get them to share.  Then she said "Nooo I never play pingpong!  I played fooseball, and I haven't played pingpong all week!"
LOOOOL  Okay it was sooo funny at the time w/ Magdelene (sp?.. >>)  because she's all serious and stuff.... It's a once-a-week school!!! XDD  Bad argument, child, bad argument.... 

Anyways, afterwards, I went to Kaye's b-day party/cotillion!  That was a total blast!!! <3  I had no idea I'd have so much freakin fun there!  lol  Everyone was all dressed up in light of the purple theme, and the arrangements were just GORGEOUS, and the music was fun, the people were awesome, and the dances were like WHOOOO!  loool  I've never been to such a formal b-day party, and it was a great first time experience.  I hope it was the kind of party Kaye was hoping for! ^^  I can tell everything took a TON of preparation (and money.....)

Okay time to watch more YouTube videos do my calc homework.  I'll see you all later! ^__^ Bye!~

11 December 2008 @ 11:35 pm
This is the rant about my two friends who are blinded by this and that and whatnot.  They shall be called A and J.  (don't read if you have a life.)

Okay so in government, A and J are talking and it gets kinda like typical A-talk but then it gets on J's nerves this time because well, it's kinda a stupid conversation that would cause frustration.  And then things happen, and A gets more and more pissed off.  So then he's all cranky and rambles to me and then J is all cranky and rambles to me and I let J know that A's rambling to me and he gets all pissed and find out what he says and gets even more pissed and continues rambling.  And then A is all pissed too and stressed out.  But I'm on both sides trying to convince the other to understand what the other is feeling, aka college apps, finals, etc.... There's just a ton of stress and it isn't helping any.  But BOTH are like "well that's no excuse".  HUH.  HUUUUH well then.  >>  Basically they hate each other's guts.

See this is why the thing I wish everyone in the world had more of is open-mindedness.  With that, we could see each other more clearly and not be so clouded by what we think.  A thinks J's "jum dui" -ing him, but he's not and I know it, even w/o asking J.  J thinks A's doing the same, (and maybe he is.. actually...) but it's mostly b/c the stress's taking over him and he doesn't know how to manage it. Some go with violence, some go with sex.  Some go with being plain mean.  XD

Neither is willing to understand each other, even when I'm stating plainly what the other must be feeling to lead up to that kind of behavior. All they seem to say is how unacceptable it is and how it's no excuse.  Yes, both say it, so isn't that like..RAWR.   I really hate being in between them, but I care for both, and I don't want them to just throw away their friendship like that.  Yes, they are going to.  It seems that serious. >>  A claims to hate something that J holds very dearly, and J says he will never accept A again.  Great .  JUST GREAT.  Good progress guys.  Way to step up and take the high road.

Haha anyways.  So yeah this post is all about me.  XD

07 September 2008 @ 11:39 am
06 August 2008 @ 12:53 pm
And that meansssss....

Rushing through starting the last of my summer reading, starting to studying for SATs for the fall, and freaking out about managing my club responsibilities for FBLA and Best Buddies. OH YEAH. Block W... LOL..>> I totally am doing my duties as President for that club too! .... What the heck are we going to sell this year if not food? I need to talk to Ronda online someday, like I was supposed to in June. ^^;;.....

Now I'm trying to arrange for a date where everyone can meet with the Program Manager to talk about their responsibilities for the year. That's going WELL, of course. >> So today was all about research, phone calls, and e-mails for both Best Buddies and FBLA. Now it's time to design flyers and arrange for them to get printed. XD I should bring some tape too... hmm.... and set up a tentative date for the organizational meeting....*drifts*

o__o oh sorry.

Back to what I'm doing. Ummm we won last night's volleyball game, so we may get into the playoffs, which is the following Tuesday. And I checked the chart; if we make it, we'll play against the undefeated team. LOL... great way to kill us. I mean wouldn't it be nicer to allow us to have a nice carefree game without having to feel so bad about ourselves? ^^;; But then again I totally know why it's arranged that way, and it's sensible, so oh well. BUT if we do make it, we're definitely going to have practice, soooo less free time. : (

OH and I found these videos of the Leadership Conference on Youtube! :D BRINGS BACK SWEET MEMORIES! <3 Even though it's been like, less than a month. lol But still! It sure revives the passion. :D Now I just have to get this stuff burned onto a DVD to show in the classrooms.. I think I can work it out. :D

One made by somebody who went to this year's NLC:
-Workout w/ Wylie was like an exercise thing with Wylie who was on The Biggest Loser I think? And he was doing the workout with his buddy. :D
-Andrew the rapping Program manager! He just totally made it up because we forced him to. XD I was sitting right where this person was shooting this too! .___. I think I was a bit closer though, so in front of her? XD OH and in the rap at 2:30, "SEA" is Special Ed Advisor. XD Just some terms that are more familiar to us... hmm
-Performer at the end.. forgot his name, but he WAS amazing. I shot a few vids of him myself at his awesomest moments where you can see everyone all waving their hands or arm-locking and swaying together <3 lol Totally great performances by him. Then again he DOES work as a performer all around the country despite his disabilities. :D I think he's somewhat blind too? @__@ But his passion for music is amazing.

Now I don't know which ones to post up. ^^;; They're both good in their own way. I'LL POST BOTH. :D



I don't think they came out with 08 yet. But I can't wait to see it! <3
30 May 2008 @ 09:17 pm

So.  I think all the seniors are checked out already.. and they won't be coming to class anymore...


*sigh*    I guess they really want to graduate and leave though.  :D  So I'm happy for them, that they're finally able to move on with their lives.  I know they'll all be great stars.  ^_____^

Today was interesting, I guess.  In first period I find out that we probably won't have to turn in or get tested on anything else for the rest of the year.  So.  Good thing or bad, that I won't be able to change my grade now?  I swear, if I get like an 89%, I'M TALKING TO HIM.  But if my grade goes down from my 88% or so, I'll let it go.   =____=  Of course.  *siiiigh*  It'll work out!  ^__^  Who needs to be advanced in mathematics when you can be proficient?  

Okay that didn't sound like me, but whatever.  XD  This is what happens to me after Junior year.  My biggest concern now is Chemistry... WHICH we just had a quiz on today on redox and electrochem.  Okay so I studied.. a bit... a TINY bit... good thing I still had that scan of the lab, there was hecka info in the Background that I didn't read before.  (SEE, you made me lazy, I didn't even read it this time.  XD)  But then... on the quiz.. idk, I think I got it.  I THINK.  (probably not, but let's stay hopeful, just like trig)  The dumb part was that I thought I was done early, and next to me was Nora who looked done and bored too, and then on my other side was Ben who was a senior and was taking a different test.  So I just thought I was done and waited.... and waited.... and then I turn the sheet over and there's a crossword puzzle on it.  I thought it was scratch paper, but when I read the questions, it was dealing with electrolysis.  ^^;;


YEAH.  Soooo even though I sit in the very front and I know he sees me doing nothing and that I haven't worked on my back page at all, he doesn't say anything.  So I TOTALLY casually ask him "Do we have to do this?"  (Yes, I'm that close to just point and say it outloud without disturbing the class [too much]) and he says back TOTALLY casually "... Yeah"  



.... So then I casually said back "Okay" then RUUUUSHED (still with composure..) the puzzle.  I think I missed like 5?  Then at the very end, Nora JUST realized we had to do it and was very... sad.  *HUGGLES*  Leet and chem get to the best of us.  =____=  I think though... that in the end he told her that it was extra credit.  I mean... RIGHT?  A crossword puzzle.... on a quiz?  Graded?  That'd suck.  SO.  I'm hoping it's just extra credit.  Even better, I'll get points.  (But idk if he'll just do an all-or-nothing deal)

And then in Harmon's we watched the end of Walk the Dog and then I introduced him to DBSK and Super Junior (their history, members, drama, fangirls, etc....)  He was interested!  XDD .. I think.  Well I think it's interesting.  LOOOOOL  *torture others*

And then in History we just did whatever, watched a new movie but I was.. doing something else, I forgot.  Daydreaming?

And then at lunch I had to go do my Oracle final, and was... having.. "notes" with me, so I had to hide from the teacher.  Thank god she had keys around her neck so I'd know where she was without having to turn around too much.  But still, even though she seems blind, sometimes she's like a HAWK.  XDD  Maung and Peter <3

And then at 6th, we were all bored, and I took Karen and Tiff to go watch the football game of AP bio against AP chem, but we couldn't find where they were playing .___.  Which sucked.  But then we went into Mrs. Vinluan's and just chatted with some friends.  Then after school I went to go get my yearbook, but everybody was at the rally, of course, so no yearbook this whole weekend!  Except his.  XD

Then I went to the basketball courts.... so we could get a ferocious game of 1 on 1 going on.  XD  It was cold, but after I got warmed up it was all good.  My hair kept getting in the way though ><  Herbal essences commercials all over the place  LOOOL  He wouldn't lend me his hair tie.  ROFL

We played "HORSE" first, where two people take turns trying to make it in where ever, then when one does, the other has to make it too at the same spot, or else he/she gets a letter until you spell the whole word out, then you lose.  ^^  So then I chose "SCHOOLGIRL" as our word b/c horse isn't very personal and Mississippi is way too long and confusing. XDD  "Schoolgirl" is just about right.  =D

I totally... ended up cheating b/c I took so many tries to make his one shot.  >__>  The "wind" kept blowing my shots off course!  XDD  I found my comfort zone-ish place and so did he, although he made it almost everywhere.  >__<  Layups are not my thing.  He even later on made a half-court shot!  =___= to match my top-of-the-key (I think..) shot, which was totally just lucky.  Or with the help of my Wind Goddess friend.

In the end, he turned into a SCHOOLGIRL and I "won".  It was really fun, even though I felt weird for getting to shoot so many more times than he did.  Then we played a 1 on 1 game, where I totally PHAILZ and he pwns me (A LITTLE..... >__>) but for some reason he says I'm winning.  LOL <3

*skips the part about hurting his finger*   ;______;

And then at the end of the day... it was really nice.  Very chillaxing time I had today, very chillaxin~  <3   :DDDDD
02 November 2007 @ 07:53 pm

I was browsing through some perfume bottle pictures and "came across" this!

Anna Suiiii <3~  The purple master!  Their stuffs are so prettyyyy~  And so expensive.  -____-  And so not sold in America.

Lily came over to my place today and it was SOOOOO much fun, total compensation for the boring project work we had to do before it.  What is "it", you ask?  MAKE-OVERRR!!  XDDD My party-specialty, it seems.~

First start with eyeliner, then shadow (even though I believe it should be the other way around... but screw that), then mascara, and then curling (lol yes, the other way around that too because of.. certain... things.) and then more eyeshadow (for a more nightclub look [REMEMBER, TIFF?!  HAHAH] which looked GREAT, I gotta tell ya).  Then even though she didn't want any lip stuff, I added a nice layer of clear shiny glittery REVLON gloss, which she loved in the end.  ^_^v

THIS JOB IS SO REWARDING. <3~  And she said I could do her prom make-up, SO THERE.   HA.  I'm too excited!!  ^o^

Sis's back!  <3~  Hope she'll get well soon!!!


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24 October 2007 @ 08:08 pm
Since yesterday was DREADFUL, today seemed quite okay.  But I'm still trying to keep up with schoolwork.  I'm totally behind in trig (not like I was really ever on top of any material that we covered), lost in chem, behind in english, totally dying in US history, confused and useless in oracle, and just passing in spanish.  Now how did I still manage and pull off a 4.0 this grading period?  I have no clue, but I'm SURE it's not gonna keep up.  I feel like I want volleyball to end so that I can focus more on my studies (because not only does it take up time, but it also distracts me during class when I start daydreaming or stressing about a game or my performance.  ><  NOT GOOD.  But then again, this thought of hoping that volleyball ends soon comes up... once in a decade, so I don't really mean it like if I said it last year.  I remember when I had competitive PE with Leslie, Patty, Sam R., Janelle + Jessica, we always were counting down the games and days until volleyball would be officially over.  I think almost everyone was uncomfortable on our team.... we sure as hell didn't work like a team.

I'm so emo about our Hillsdale game though... we won the FIRST TWO games and were so pumped!!  Even though the coach said that they were "giving it to us" or "going easy on us", we hecka made them work.  But the thing was, we had to hecka work too.  ^^;;  And we worked really hard too, considering our usual performance.  (since our losing streak)  But then when 3rd game came and we were like LET'S CRUSH THEM AND GO HOME (because by then it was already way past 6:00 PM).  But not only that, their gym had NO VENTILATION and it was HEEECKA hot that day anyway!  So we were like not used to the weather and tired, so they kinda.. caught up to us.  ><  So then we got discouraged or whatever and lost the 4th game too!!  T^T  Then fifth game came along... and we were all like... semi-depressed.  But we really tried to give it our all and it was... okay.  ^^;; 15 points.. what can we do...  But overall the game was actually quite nice because for one, I didn't do too bad, I have to say, and also because it was like we were a whole team again.  Everyone got a chance to play except for Holly because of her illness, but even the people who got twisted ankles and sore backs (in total... 4 people) got to play today because they got better.  I mean, imagine having a team, and then a few weeks into the season, hecka people get hurt, phones, wallets and stuff stolen, people don't have grades, then the team's left with like 8 people.  >>  So this game, for once, I actually got to sub out (not libero), so that was very nice. 

Westmoor @ Hillsdale:

Peninsula Athletic League Ocean Division

San Mateo (24-5, 14-0) d.
South San Francisco (16-6, 10-3), 3-1
20-25, 25-10, 25-22, 25-18

Kills — Griest (SM) 15, Black (SM) 7, Freeman (SM) 7, Hafoka (SM) 7, Ujihara (SM) 6; S. Malepeai (SSF) 19, Fong (SSF) 5. Blocks (Griest (SM) 5; S. Malepeai (SSF) 2, Fong (SSF) 3. Assists — Finnegan (SM) 35; Fong (SSF) 36.
Frosh-soph — South San Francisco (10-5, 9-4) d. San Mateo (14-8, 12-2) 23-25, 25-21, 15-10.

Half Moon Bay (12-18, 7-6) d. El Camino (5-9, 5-9), 3-0
25-12, 25-14, 25-22
Kills — Avila (HMB) 8, Barker (HMB) 6, Bateman (HMB) 5. Aces — Avila (HMB) 5, Barker (HMB) 3. Assists — Avila (HMB) 10.
Frosh-soph — Half Moon Bay (15-5, 12-1) d. El Camino (4-10, 4-10) 25-22, 18-25, 15-8.

Hillsdale (11-9, 8-6) d. Westmoor (8-16, 5-7), 3-2
23-25, 15-25, 25-16, 25-18, 15-10
Kills — Alcantara (W) 12, Chang (W) 11. Aces — Yeung (W) 6. Assists — Yee (W) 26.
Frosh-soph — Westmoor (11-13, 7-5) d. Hillsdale 25-22, 17-25, 15-12.

=^^=  Woooooooo~  I'm actually mentioned in one of these FOR ONCE.  XDDD  Yayyyys, I get aces!  That was quite exciting, especially since that means I don't have to play backrow for very long.  ^^;;  I think I got like 2 kills too... but IDK.   :DDD  See, this was what made my horrible day yesterday.  ^^v
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